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Science Classes

Why not let Ocean and You present a standards-aligned program to your class? We serve all grade levels, in any format that suits your needs. Most programs include storytelling, conversations about science and active hands-on learning opportunities. My teaching methods are best suited to groups of 10-30 students, and a single program may last 45-90 minutes. I can create a program to fit your needs and budget, or you may choose an existing program as described here and in my printable flyer.

Programs Aligned with California Science Content Standards

  • First grade: Features of animals Explore the amazing variety of marine life using stories, movement, model animals and art. Details
  • Second grade: Sound Learn to identify weird ocean noises and experiment with sound transmission using slinkies and sound tubes.
  • Third grade: Adaptations Study convergent evolution in sharks and whales, and learn the adaptations for predators and grazers. Includes models, movement and coloring worksheet.
  • Fourth grade: Ecosystems Explore California's most beautiful marine ecosystem, and learn why sea otters are the heroes of the kelp forest. Includes stories, movement and art.
  • Fifth grade: Chemistry The chemistry of water determines the shape of the snowflake and makes life on earth possible. A good class for December!
  • Sixth grade: Earth Science The ocean shapes the features of the earth. We will experiment with sand tables and topographic maps.

Other Hands-on Programs
  • Floating and Sinking: Learn Archimedes' principle using empty soda bottles, corks, pins and tubs full of water. Each child takes home an "ocean in a bottle" from this fun and messy class.
  • Water Cycle: Experience the water cycle through story, movement and art. Learn how we and our watershed are part of the water cycle.
  • Marine Debris: Sort trash by how long it lasts in the environment, and whether it's a good choice at the store. Develop a concept map of the causes and effects of trash on the beach.
  • Oil Spill: Practice cleaning up an oil spill, and figure out how to avoid future spills.

Lectures and Demonstrations
  • Climate Change and the Poles: It's happening. It's real. How are Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean affected, and what can we do about it?
  • Mythbusters, Environmental Edition: So much advice, some of it conflicting. What's an environmentalist to do?
  • Oyster Restoration in Pamlico Sound: What do high tech current-measuring instruments have to do with tomorrow's lunch?
  • Beach Water Quality: Case study of a polluted beach near a sewage treatment plant. Learn how science informs policy and articulate your own decision-making process.

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