Ocean and You
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Summer Camps and After School Enrichment

The ocean covers almost of our planet, and makes life on earth possible and its really cool, too. Come explore the ocean with a real oceanographer. Enjoy hands-on science experiments, stories and art.

Classes include

  • curious critters
  • floating and sinking
  • sound in the ocean
  • the great trash island
  • clean up an oil spill
  • kelp forest ecology
  • and many more

"My daughter LOVED this camp! She now says she'd like to be a marine scientist. You really made learning fun!"

"My son enjoyed his summer camp with Dr. C very much. He came home every afternoon with new facts, trivia and questions. He has a love for learning and Dr C is able to challenge and inspire. Thanks Dr C, we'll take another class for sure! "

"Please come back again. The amount of ocean-knowledge [my son] was bringing home was quite impressive!"

Ocean And You, 2630 Carisbrook Dr, Oakland, CA, 94611
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